Founder of A Website That Works For You, Tim Williams contributes in "Getting Business Online, September 2011 issue".

Why is Search Engine Optimisation important and how does it play a role in your overall marketing mix? What does it take to establish and maintain high search engine rankings and what does it mean for you at the end of your funnel? Find out in this interview.

Featured advice on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in Google Magazine.

Having a high search engine ranking for a search term that you know converts can dramatically increase the amount of products or services any size of business will make. But on the flipside, if you’re receiving thousands of visitors from these high rankings but they aren’t the right type of visitors you need to make the sale, the time, energy and expense put into gaining these high rankings can be a complete waste.

There are three main elements when it comes to the success of a website for small businesses. 1; your website must receive visitors. 2; your website must be able to turn these visitors into product or service enquiries and 3; you must be able to turn these enquiries into actual sales.

I believe the Weekender is the only local paper that’s actually dedicated to providing its readers with ‘real’ local news… the kind of news that matters to us Penrithians!

You can pretty much guarantee if you heard it today, they’ve already got it in print or on the website.

As a local business owner, my favourite column would have to be “Your Business” with Michael Todd. He’s got some great ideas that boy!

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Trading since 2004 in a home studio, A Website That Works For You has provided various services to clients across Australia. In early 2009 they moved into premises in Jamisontown to gain a further presence in the local market.

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A Website That Works For You helps small to large businesses get online by creating websites that generate real sales and business from the internet.

Their 3 completely flexible solutions; webSeed, webTree and webCustom are designed to work perfectly for all types of businesses. They understand every business has different online goals and the flexibility in these solutions allows you to get the most out of your website at a completely affordable price.

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