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Find the Optimal Online Promotion Mix For Your Penrith Business Website: Know Your Internet Marketing Channel Options

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One of the challenges a Penrith business faces is finding the best mix of online promotional channels. After all, funds are limited, and you need to devote your time and energy to your choices. Success online doesn’t come overnight. It is a product of steady consistent good work, wherein you optimise your visibility and presence to your target market.

Internet Marketing Options

Here are some internet marketing options for you to consider. Remember, each business has differing needs. So, look into your organisation first and map out what you want to achieve through online marketing. This should be the initial basis of your internet marketing channel mix. (After which, implement, tweak and repeat until you get the results you want.)

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): As you already know, SEO pertains to the online efforts that achieve top rank for your Penrith business website in search engine results. This is achieved through two main strategies: on-page and off-page optimisation.

There are many pitfalls to doing SEO, especially if you do it on your own. Search engines, particularly Google, has consistently updated their algorithms to prevent “scamming” the system to nab top rank. Some practices may be considered spamming or black hat SEO. Search engine optimisation is a worthwhile undertaking, as long as you keep within acceptable practices.

2. Content Marketing: Content marketing pertains to using targeted content to generate website traffic and leads. This is a powerful tool, not just for marketing.

Your content is your message. It is how you want to brand your company, regardless of how disparate your means of messaging is. You can be blogging, publishing white papers, producing and uploading videos, creating landing pages or sharing your in-house memes. What you put out there will eventually be identified with your brand. So, develop a comprehensive approach to your content marketing. Align it with your target market’s buyer’s journey. This way, you are also able to provide them with needed information, at every step.

3. Email Marketing: There was a time when no internet marketer will touch email marketing, after the strategy was vilified for spamming and other intrusive practices. That was a long time ago. Now, you are missing out on targeted messaging if you do not give your site visitors and users the option to subscribe to your newsletter. Email marketing can be a good way to keep interest people abreast on what’s new about your company and products.

4. Online Advertising: Online advertising is best done if you have enough budget to consistently impress your message across high-traffic, related websites. Your selected websites should be sites that your target market visits. Examples here are industry online magazines and forums, LinkedIn, Facebook and select YouTube channels. Your goal is to let your target market discover you and lead traffic to your website. Of course, make sure your traffic lands on optimised landing pages. Advertising is worthwhile if you can successfully convert those you engage through your ads.

5. Social Media Marketing: Your social media presence is the best way to engage with your audience, customers and leads alike. There is immediacy and visibility in social media. But, your efforts should be targeted and you should be clear about your goals. Don’t just post on your Facebook or Twitter just because you think it will amuse your followers. Post to lead people to your website. Engage in social media in order to convert.

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