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How to get your website on google in 2-3 days without waiting for the search engine snail...

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You don't have to wait for the search engine snail for up to six months to have your website indexed. There's a better way to get on google and anyone can do it quick and easily.

Sometimes businesses come to us and they've already had a website designer build them a site but it just won't show up on google.

They tell us "We tried submitting our website to search engines but that was a while ago now and it still isn't showing up..."

Fortunately, there's another way to get you indexed fast, but it doesn't mean you're going to jump straight to the top.

Being indexed simply means; being included somewhere in the search results. This could be right at the bottom, but the bottom's always better then not being there at all.

What you should expect, usually after completing this quick process your website can be found when you search for your business name.

If your business name is "Football" or "Car" then don't expect to come up even remotely close to the top with a new website but if the name is something like "John Smith Plumbing Services Sydney", you have a pretty good change.

So here's how it works...

Go out and establish links back to your website from good quality Australian directories.

These are directories that have a good online reputation and a great pagerank. Usually some bigger directories like TrueLocal or HotFrog fit the bill.

Make sure your your directory listings have unique content (not the same for every listing) and an actual hyperlink back to your website using your URL in full.

How it works is; the better the quality of these websites, the faster search engines will check them for updates and the faster they will find your website and think "well this good quality site points to yours, so yours must be ok"... and then you'll be indexed.

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