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"SE-Only" What does it have to do with search engine optimisation?

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Find out why most businesses to search engine optimisation backwards and how you can avoid falling into the "SE-Only" trap.

Picture this, you've just started a search engine optimisation campaign and a week goes by... you're starting to see a bit of progress.

Week two comes along and you're starting to get excited because your keywords are getting closer to the second page now and all you can think about is how much business you're going to get when you get to the top.

A few more weeks go by and finally, you've hit position one for your best keyword and you're on page one for the rest BUT then... something happens.

You stop and think to yourself "Where are all the phone calls and sales?". You've been so caught up in getting to the top that you assumed when you get there, the leads and sales will take care of them self.

This is the problem I call "SE-Only".

Typically, a SEO company will have one objective; get you to the top for your desired keywords. Often they will achieve this all for you to realise that the keywords you chose at the start don't actually result in your desired outcome.

SEO is crucial to a steady flow of leads and sales for the long term, but not when you jump straight in and do SEO only without testing your keywords first.

It is imperative that you make sure:

  • 1. Your keywords deliver conversions at a good rate
  • 2. Conversions from these keywords actually result in real sales
  • 3. There are enough people searching for these keywords each month to make it worthwhile

We offer an online marketing solution called webGrow which ensures your business uses the right keywords from the start so when you do get to the top of search engines, you do see all of the leads and sales that come with this.

But if you're going to give online marketing and search engine optimisation a go yourself, make sure you test and measure before falling into the "SE-Only" trap.

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Tim Williams

Founder and Managing Director of A Website That Works For You, Tim Williams has lead "The Green Team" to success helping business owners take advantage of leading Web Design and Online Marketing practices.

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