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Search Engine Optimisation Vs. Social Media Marketing: Do You Have To Choose?

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The online landscape these days sees a divide between what to focus on: your search engine optimisation (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM). But, do you really have to choose? To answer this question, it is important to remember that SEO and SMM work together. They help your website reach out to your target market. Of course, this is done through different means.

What SEO Does For You

SEO refers to the optimisation that you do for your website, and supporting websites outside of it. It entails identifying with certain keyphases (one or two) that distinguish your products and services. These keywords are the words your target audience will type in to look for businesses like yours. through optimisation, you can land on top of searches.

Of course, this entails a lot of work before you actually land on top of searches. You need to optimise your website’s text and meta text. You should work on your internal and external link. Your images should be optimised.

And once you do get on top, you need to continue building up your content and being updated with the changing rules of search engine optimisation.

What SMM Does For You

For SMM, it is a little different. What you do on social media sites, such as Facebook or Google Plus, have only a little bearing on your site’s rank. It helps a bit to have optimised profile pages in these sites, yes. But in overall rank, search engines like Google look at the bigger picture.

However, a good SMM strategy does help a lot in making your website or post more popular. Social media helps you reach out to a bigger market. It drives traffic to your website – which is why you’re doing SEO in the first place.

Which Is Better?

So, does that make one better than the other? The answer here is a qualified ‘no.’ While it may seem logical to invest in one more than the other, it does not help you to just focus your efforts on just one means of increasing web traffic.

SEO and SMM help each other. They work to reach out to a bigger audience, far bigger than focusing on just one will get you. SEO can reel in people who are actually searching for what you offer. SMM engages them consistently, and can potentially increase awareness of your brand.

So, if you have to choose, don’t. Choose an online marketing strategy that considers these two important components.

For more information, please talk to the team at A Website That Works For You. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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