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Why You Need To Set Up a Sydney Business Blog

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A Sydney business blog may seem like a common thing – something taken for granted because everyone has a blog these days. This is actually not the case; particularly if we focus on blogs that actually add to the value of the brand and company it is promoting.

A relevant Sydney business blog is a lot of things for a business that’s serious in reaching out to its market online. Here’s why:

  • Your blog works to link your social media presence with your other online properties, more importantly, your website. Your social media presence is a good way to reach out to your target market. When done right, you are available where your likely buyers spend most of their time online. The question is what do you do with the engagement. Your blog functions as a way to retain engagement. Once you lead your market to your website and blog, you can potentially convert visits into qualified leads and sales. Remember that your social media is only there to reach out – you do actual business through your website.
  • It is also crucial to your link building efforts. Linking is an important aspect of search engine optimisation. To optimise your website, you need to do logical internal linking. You also need to link to external websites or pages that are relevant to your topic, or the keyword you optimised for. It is seldom that you’d need to update your company website pages. Company and product information are likely to be the same for a year or so. You can add fresh content through blogs. And, in doing so, you can consistently improve on your link building.
  • Your blog posts work to optimise your domain for long tail keywords. Your blog is also a way to optimise for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are typically what your niche market looks for. For instance, instead of looking for ‘cheap cars,’ your niche audience in Sydney will look for ‘cheap cars Sydney.’ Specific search returns more suitable results. When you’ve got blog posts optimised for these keywords, you’ve got these niche searches covered.
  • It is a bridge between company magazine and catalogue. If you’ve ever been torn between having product pages that look like they came off a magazine or look more like a catalogue, you won’t have to worry any more. Your blog can contain anything and everything about your products and your company. Your blog posts can be a way to expound on the details of your product or company. You can be more convincing in differentiating what you offer with your competitors’. Use your blog to draw more focus on the details of what you offer. Plus, when you’ve got something new, create and release press release through your company blog.
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