Saturday, 13 May 2017 08:48

SEO 2017: Voice Search Is Up Next!

Voice search has come far. The wave started with the introduction of Siri. Increasing use pushed the technology to develop. Kinks were ironed out and voice search got better. There are still improvements necessary but, as of 2017, voice search is big.

The statistics are looking up. By 2014, daily usage increased in more than 40% of adults and more than 50% of teenagers. Technology development followed. By 2016, Google’s Conversational Search Director Behshad Behzadi claims to have reduced speech recognition error rate to just 8% as of 2016.

So, this 2017, when you want to optimise your website, make sure you don’t forget those who go online using voice searches. Here are some tips.

It’s not a big surprise that your mobile presence is important in 2017. Search using mobile devices has increased dramatically. By as early as 2015, it has surpassed desktop searches. Data consumed via mobile has increased by 74%. You can expect it to be bigger this year.

With this, it is increasingly crucial for businesses to look at their mobile presence. Is your website optimised for mobile devices? Have you thought about the mobile user experience? Here are a few tips in mobile optimisation.

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