What NOT to do with your website!

This week I wanted to share a list of “don’t do’s” for your website. As a website designer, we always talk about what you should be doing with your website to get the best result, but just as importantly, it’s also what you don’t do that makes the difference.

Business owners can be full of lucrative ideas for their website but ultimately these things can end up harming your website’s success in the long run.

These are the most common things we get asked that are “don’t do’s” for your website are:

1. “We don’t want any content on the pages, just images” – Don’t have pages without any text content. Search engines rely on your website having content to help rank you accordingly. There’s a lot more to it but typically speaking, if your website doesn’t have any text content, it won’t be found in search engines!

2. “Make our logo WAY bigger!” – Don’t have a giant logo! Even though you are proud of your brand it is important to understand that people visit your website because they are interested in what’s in it for them.

Giant logo show signs of a DIY website and may also harm your credibility.

3. “Put my contact details on the contact page only” – Don’t hide your contact details! You’d be surprised that a large portion of people who visit your website already know who you are, what you offer and are simply looking for your contact details. Don’t make them have to search for them.

4. “I want everything to flash and move around” – This has to be one of the biggest website “don’t do’s”. People are used to browsing websites in a common way. If you’re over creative and don’t have clear navigation you will lose visitors.

If the flashing or moving graphics are over powering, there’s a good chance you will distract users and they will forget the purpose of their visit.

Flashing of phone numbers and call to actions can be compared to yelling at someone because they’re not listening to you. It is important to make these things clearly visible, but you wouldn’t yell “Make an enquiry” at a customer that walked into your store…

Your website designer should have an extensive list of do's and dont's. Listen to their professional advice and get a better result.

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