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Ever heard of the concept "The path of least resistance"? This can be applied to your business website to increase leads or online sales.

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By definition; the phrase describes the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternate paths.

In www and internet marketing land, this simply means “getting more visitors to do what you want by making your desired outcome the easiest option to take”.

Here’s how you can apply the path of least resistance to your website:

Step 1; determine what action you would like your website visitors to take. A desired action may be for the visitor to click on a purchase button and complete a transaction. It could be that you want the user to enter their name, phone and email in a specific form for a free trial or quote. Whatever your desired action, you must start here and work backwards.

Step 2; Work out what main elements the visitor typically requires before they can take action. Tracking and testing is key to continually improve the effectiveness of your website BUT before you can do this, you’ll need to ask yourself the following question. “Before my customers make an enquiry or purchase a product, what are some of the main questions they might ask or things they need to proceed?” If you’re desired action is an online transaction, you want to provide all information, testimonials, samples, prices etc on your site. But if you’re trying to generate leads you don’t want to give it all away as they will have no reason to enquire unless they have come to their own conclusion that your product is the right option for them.

Step 3; Make it as easy as possible for the visitor to achieve your desired action. Make sure it is very clear how to proceed and minimise the number of steps involved to do so. The more effort that is required to take action, the more resistance there will be and less visitors will do so.

Step 4; Get rid of distractions that don’t ad value! Don’t distract user’s from a clear action with flashing graphics or giant banners and if it doesn’t add value and reassure your visitors that your desired action is positive, get rid if it fast!

Until next time, test, keep testing, then test some more and enjoy an increase in conversions!

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