“I want to come up first in Google!”

When it comes to promoting your websitewebsites, too many businesses are focusing on the wrong thing.

Everyone wants to “come up first in Google” but this shouldn’t be your number one focus.

Most web design businesses offer a misleading guarantee and with so much information out there it’s extremely hard to really get a grasp if what will and wont work for your business online.

Having a good search engine ranking is one thing but it’s a very small part of what’s actually required for your business do actually get something out of your website.

What do you really want? You should be stating… “I want to generate more sales leads” or “I want to sell more products online”.

Because the truth is… you don’t really care about Google, you care about your business making more money.

I’d like to show you how it works and what you MUST do if you’re serious about either…

Getting your website right first:

It all starts with understanding how people use the internet and what it takes to turn these viewers into an enquiry or a sale.

  1. Understand that most of your website visitors will generally be either doing product/service research. It’s up to your website to provide them with everything they need to become informed.
  2. Understand that just because you provide the information, people aren’t automatically going to take the effort to pick up the phone or find your email form.
  3. Understand that people are lazy when they browse the internet. If your website loads slow, they’re gone! If they have to search for your contact details, they’re gone! If they can’t find what they’re looking for almost instantly… they’re gone!

Your website visitors need to find the exact information they’re looking for fast. Your content must speak persuasively to encourage them to take action. You must give them a reason to take action RIGHT NOW and make it extremely easy for them to do so.

But what does this actually mean?

If you want to generate more product or service enquiries...

Here are the basics your website must have if you want to generate sales enquiries…

  1. A simple and prominent form on every single page that has a call-to-action which is very relevant to what most visitors are looking for. This may be something like “Download our pricelist instantly, simply enter your details below…”
  2. Your phone number must be at the top of your website and be tied in with a call-to-action similar to above…

If you follow above, when the visitor has read everything they need to take the next step, it will be extremely easy to get in contact with you or take your desired action.

If you run an online store...

Understand that not all visitors that are browsing aren’t ready to purchase right away, so you need to use the “power of now” to allow them to join your store. Your online store must have…

  1. An overlaid banner with an offer like a coupon discount that they can use on their first purchase if they register for free now.

The larger your store database is, the more potential customers you can market to and send through your funnel…

Once your website is right you can then think about promoting it but until then, don’t waste your hard earned money!

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