"How well do you know the AWTWFY office?" - The Game.

In the new format newsletter, each month we play a fun game called... "How well do you know the AWTWFY office?".

One of our Designers (Craig) has a keen eye for the camera. Each month he's going to take a photo of something random in our office.

The first person to identify the item receives 1 x double pass Hoyts Cinema voucher.

1.To enter, you must subscribe to our newsletter and each issue will have a photo and a secret clue. You must be the first person to reply to that email with the correct answer.
2.Each month's winner will be notified with a return email from our team.
3.The winner's name and business name will be published in the following issue.
4.The winner must drop into AWTWFY office in Penrith to claim their movie tickets.

The Monthly Newsletter Game...

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