Using call to actions forms on your website effectively.

First, you need to identify which type of enquiries you want to generate. To do this, you will need to understand the different stages of mindset prospects that visit your website will have.

Prospective customers will visit your website because;

1. They're curious and just want a quick look.
2. They're looking for specific information that will determine weather or not they want to buy from you.
3. They're looking for your contact details and would like to talk to a person now to find out more OR are educated, convinced and ready to buy.

Generating enquiries from "curious" prospects to put through your online funnel;

If you've developed a online funnel that captures website prospects at the first stage and educates, builds confidence & credibility with them until they are convinced and ready to buy, you should use call to actions in your call to action forms like this:

  • "Download a free brochure now!"
  • "New to XYZ? Get a free info pack now!"
  • "Get instant access to the free demo!"

These call to actions offer more information to curious prospects, allowing you to put them through your pre-designed online marketing funnel.

Generating enquiries from prospects that are more educated and more likely ready to buy;

The type of enquiry you are trying to generate here are ones from prospects that already know what you offer, are convinced that they need it and just need a little persuasion to take action and make the purchase.

To relate as many of your prospects as possible, work out what the most commonly asked question you get asked from prospects that enquire is. For example, if most customers that make an enquiry start with “How much does your product cost?” a call to action such as “Get a quick price estimate now!” would turn more visitors into enquiries.

But... we're going for quality here so a bit of tweaking will help qualify your enquiries better. If you used the call to action "Fast, written quote today?" or even "Get a genuine written quote today from a real person." it is more likely to generate enquiries from prospects that are more serious about your product or service.

So what works for you?
If you don't have an online funnel and can handle the calls, more leads/enquiries will result in more sales. If you've put an online funnel in place, knowing how to generate leads at these different stages will allow you to better segment your leads/enquiries so you can dedicate more manpower to better quality leads and let your funnel educate and build confidence with the rest.

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