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"When promoting your business, don't just stick to either online or offline ONLY. Businesses that integrate their on and offline marketing efforts pick up more traction and get a better overall result!"

Business owners often walk in and tell us; "I need a website because I need to get my marketing sorted".

Without really thinking too far into it, they assume that having a website that makes the phone ring is enough and don’t think to integrate off-line marketing in their overall promotion.

Yes, it’s crucial for the phone to ring and the leads to come in but businesses that integrate their on and off-line marketing always pick up more traction and get a better result.

Here’s a quick example of one thing you can do to integrate your on and offline marketing; Offer something of value FREE and point Customers to your website to get it.

For example, say you’re a local real estate agent and you want to get more ‘buyer’ enquiries happening. You would create a CD or downloadable PDF that is valuable to your prospects. Say you call it "Penrith Home Buyers Top 5 Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them!".

To get this, your customers would need to visit your website and fill in a quick form to download it, or complete their postage details for you to send it out.

So instead of simply advertising properties as usual and hoping people enquire, you would save a space in your regular newspaper/online ads/car signage etc for a simple call to action such as: Looking to buy a property in Penrith but don’t know where to start? – Download the Free “Penrith Home Buyers Top 5 Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them” guide at

Be warned, this single integration alone is extremely effective so make sure you genuinely offer what you say you will!

The purpose of this type of integration is to let prospective customers get a taste of ‘what you’re about’ and educate them and NOT to throw sales material in front of them!

Build a relationship, grow your brand and get a better end result.

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