Getting Website Promotion Right

Last week we looked at utilising a special offer on your website with a call to action form to encourage more visitors to make an enquiry. Now that you have an offer in place, it’s time to get some visitors to your website to get some leads happening.

But, before jumping into things and throwing money at companies that are only responsible for simply ‘getting your website traffic’, it’s important to consider;

1; how will I know what the visitors actually end up doing when they arrive at my website and...

2; what search terms did the visitors that ended up enquiring use to find my website.

There are two main ways to promote your website online. Through paid search engine listings (Pay-Per-Click) and organic search engine listings which are gained through the ongoing service called Search Engine Optimisation.

Pay-Per-Click works by allowing you to bid on ad positions in the search results for very specific search terms. The beauty of this is you can use it to put your ad directly in front of users that are searching for your specific service/product at the exact time they search for it. And you only pay for it if they actually click on your ad and go to your website.

So effectively, let’s say you’re a local plumber. You can have people that are searching for a plumbing service in your area sent directly to your website almost instantly.

With PPC, you can also track exactly which search terms result in leads/sales. This is called conversion tracking.

Search Engine Optimisation is the ongoing process of work carried out to essentially give your website more authority and grow in the organic listings over time, but this is a long-term strategy. And without testing PPC first, you’re flying blind.

You must start with Pay-Per-Click first so you can get visitors to your website fast, see what they searched for specifically and work out which search terms result in enquiries/sales and which don’t. Nothing’s worse than investing money in search engine optimisation to eventually find that the search terms you are trying to rank for don’t actually deliver enquiries/sales.

So if you’re considering getting a company to handle your website’s online promotion, make sure they start with Pay-Per-Click, track what works and improve it. And only then when this is fine tuned start investing in Search Engine Optimisation.

If this process isn’t carried out, you’ll most likely end up spending a lot for little return.

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