Google changes you should know about!

If you own a website, there are some exciting changes that are about to take place in the search engine front that you should be aware of.

By now I’m sure by now you would have heard of this but don’t panic, there is good reasoning behind this and greater opportunity will rise for small business in search engines.

At a recent panel, Google’s software engineer Matt Cutts spoke about these new changes and pointed out some key details.

Google are trying to level the playing for small business and individual authors that are out there producing great content. They aren’t actually out to hurt establish websites, but there are some businesses and SEO firms that are "over-optimising" and abusing the search engine.

Here are 2 things you need to know about the new changes:

1. Link building and back links changes

Google will crack down on unnatural, irrelevant link farm style links more then every before. If all of a sudden, over night Google Bot sees that you have thousands of links then obviously this will raise a red flag, so don’t bulk buy back links!

This has always been the case but the algorithm will now focus more on then ever before and new penalties will be issued for abusers.

Your website still requires back links and page rank as these are still very important and assist in determining you ranking positions. But, relevance remains key.

Continue to ask for back links and get listed in directories and if you don’t even know what buying back links or a link farm is then you should be fine!

2. Social influence

To help level the playing field, a lot more weight will be given to the social aspect of websites. Google Bot will now understand that content with a strong social following is an indication that the content is good, so this will now be factored in.

Basically, if your content is not socially engaged, you will miss out!

There are many other aspects that are factored into the new changes. But if you continue to produce great quality, let other websites know about it with back links, continue grow your social presence and integrate your website’s content and you will have a much better chance at ranking higher in search engines in the upcoming months!

Keep an eye on your website’s rankings in the upcoming months and get social!

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