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These days, traditional marketing is no longer enough. When you want to ensure that your business reaches its intended audience, you have to be online.

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Complete Your Marketing Penrith with Online Marketing by A Website That Works For You

Your marketing Penrith strategy isn’t complete without online marketing. After all, most everyone in your target market is likely online, via social media or doing searches using search engines, such as Google. Your market outreach is incomplete and ineffective if your strategy does not include online marketing.

The first thing to remember here is that online marketing is different from traditional marketing Penrith. Even the basic methods that work in online marketing are drastically different. Here are some points to keep in mind when you begin to engage with your market online.

Your web pages/ landing pages should be optimised for SEO and conversion.

Your website is there to engage with your market and convert your site visitors into clients. This can only happen if your pages are optimised. Search engine optimisation ensures that your website is indexed by search engines for your preferred keywords. When your target audience searches for these keywords, your website ideally lands on the first few pages of results.

Optimization for conversion is about optimising your pages so they work in converting those you lead to your website into actual customers. There is a process involved, which includes trying out several versions of your pages to see which has the text, images, and call-to-actions that work at specific times and days.

Test the effectiveness of your pages for different times, dates and target audiences.

People go online to search and buy at different times and days. Think about your target market and test your pages to see when they are likely to find you online and click on your links. For instance, if your target audience is in Melbourne, middle-class and connects using their phone, check your analytics reports for the landing pages that work to attract unique visitors that fit the bill. What times do they usually visit?

Done over time, you can put together a marketing strategy that considers your audience, when they are likely to buy, and the visual and textual elements that work to get them to buy.

Don’t take your social media presence for granted.

Your social media is a crucial aspect of your online marketing. Look at it as your marketing representative who’s always within reach of your target audience. It is always available, which can be a good thing. It puts your brand in constant communication with your market.

However, there are pitfalls in social media use. So, while you can’t go without social media presence, this presence should be professionally managed. Anything that you put out in the web is attached to your brand. So, think before you post. It is best to keep away from anything controversial, such as politics and certain social issues. Keep within your set topics but make sure your posts are engaging.

Social media is a way to lead your market to your website. It is an initial step to converting them into clients.

Write your content with people in mind.

A common mistake in marketing Penrith is writing your online content with a strict focus on SEO. While this can help you rank on top of searches, it may not help in converting your market into clients.

It is equally important to write to convert. Talk to engage your online audience. As long as your online marketing strategy is comprehensive, your SEO is covered, and taken care of.

Use your content to nurture leads.

One of the main reasons people go online is to gather information about products they’re interested in. With meticulously planned content, you can provide them a variety of information sets, when they need them. This is a good way to introduce your brand. Likewise, you communicate to your market that you understand their needs.

Remember than a lot of people who search for product information may not be ready to buy right at that moment – but, eventually, they will buy. You just need to have nurturing content that moves them to the stages of their buyer’s journey.

We can help you approach your marketing Penrith strategically and effectively. Call the A Website That Works For You team today and schedule a free project consultation. (02) 4704 8505.

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