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When it comes to Perth search engine optimisation, A Website That Works For You leads the way to online success. We are a team of expert developers, content writers, SEO gurus, online marketers and project managers. The team has played key roles in the successes of several businesses in finding their voice and standing online.

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Expertise and experience set A Website That Works For You apart from the rest. With a roster of online successes, we are the team that is grounded on effective SEO strategies – yet, always forging ahead with new white-hat initiatives. Our experience extends to several industries. We know what you need, and we work hard to help you achieve your online goals. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you: (02) 4704 8505.

What You Need to Know About Your Perth Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a crucial component of your online success. In a commercial landscape of so many competitors, a carefully thought-out and executed Perth search engine optimisation will set you apart from the rest and set you up for online success.

Of course, there’s a lot of work that goes into it, and you need the help of a professional online marketing team when you want to guarantee your progress. In the same way, you need to know the basics. Understand what effective SEO entails. This way, you can choose the best SEO team for your needs, and stay on top of their work.

There’s a lot to cover, onpage and offpage.

Perth search engine optimisation is best done by professionals mainly because there is a lot to cover. A business marketing team that’s also doing traditional marketing for you will have their plates overflowing with work.

Comprehensive SEO means implementing both onpage and offpage optimisation strategies. Onpage refers to SEO you do on your business website, which includes meta and content optimisation, site maps and internal linking. Offpage refers to all the strategies that you do outside your domain. This is arguably the harder aspect of SEO because you will need to forge partnerships with reputable websites within your industry, as well as regularly maintain blogs and business listings.

Don’t forget your metas.

There was a time when scrupulous black-hat SEOs abused metas, and padded web pages with them just to land top spots in search engine results. This is partly why search engines have regularly updated their algorithms. They want results to be truly relevant, and not just filled with junk content and metas.

However, even with today’s stricter SEO standards and acceptable practices, meta values remain important to your ranking and page categorisation. Your meta title and description, in particular, shouldn’t be forsaken. These two values are displayed in results, and encourage people to click on your link.

Your links matter.

The idea with links is that these help search engines get a better idea on what your website is about. Links allow it to go beyond the keywords you optimised your pages for. Links associate your website with the pages and websites you link to. The higher the domain authority and page authority of your links, the better it is for your pages.

Search engine results aren’t the only measure of success.

While reaching higher in page rank is always great news, it is not the only measure of your optimisation success. Ask yourself these questions. Are you able to attract the right market to your web pages? Is your content capable of nurturing this market? Are your pages capable of converting these leads into clients?

These don’t fall directly into SEO but they also involve your pages’ optimisation. Your SEO team needs to remember that your pages have to appeal to real people too.

Effective SEO is ongoing work.

Truly effective SEO is never a one-off job. You can’t hire a team for a month, and then forget your SEO after that one month’s done. Search engine companies require updated content. You need to be continuously churning out relevant interesting web pages/ web content. This keeps you on “top of the charts” – so to speak.

So, work with a Perth search engine optimisation company that can provide continuous support. Or, at the very least, guarantee that there is someone in your team who’s dedicated to updating your content.

If you want to know more about the best strategies for SEO, talk to A Website That Works For You. We will gladly discuss your project with you. Call (02) 4704 8505 today.

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