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How To Lead in Sydney and Pernith Local Online Searches

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One of the best ways to reach your local market is through web design Penrith. A website gets you out there and tells people about your products and services. According to Google, 4 out of 5 people use their search engine to find local businesses. That’s a huge market potential right there.

The only problem is ranking in web searches such that you’re actually on the first page. Having a website is only the first step. Your page has to be optimised for web searches. Your target market has to find you.

Here are a few tried-and-tested local search engine optimisation strategies you can do for your website.

1 Optimise your meta title and description. Your meta title and description are web page elements that remain unseen in your page’s actual content. However, these are the titles and descriptions displayed by search engines, like Google, when they show your listing in web results.

In a way, it works like your online ad. If optimised properly, not only can you rank on top of search results. You can also catch the attention of your target audience – enough for them to click on your link.

So, make the most of your meta title and description. You can include up to 60 characters in the title tag. Choose these 60 characters well. It should include your target location and the product or service you’re optimising for.

The description tag can take up to 200 characters. Use this to enhance your title listing. Provide a description that’s thorough and creative enough to grab the attention of your reader and entice them to click.

2 Get listed on reputable business directories. Don’t miss out on having your website listed under reputable business directories, such as Yelp and Citysearch. You can also check the online websites of your local newspapers to see if they offer listings. What you’re after is associating your business with your location and address. The more you do this, the more you’re associated with your local location.

Of course, make sure that you get listed in reputable directories. Stay away from dubious link farms that hurt your online rep more than help it.

3 Claim your Google My Business. Google has Google My Business, which is its own business directory. Make sure to claim your page and associate your business address to your business name. This gives your business its own Google business page, where your clients can leave reviews. You also get on Google Maps, which is an added convenience for your local clients.

Make sure that your Google My Business efforts are consolidated. This means that you shouldn’t have any double listings for your business name and address. Google has a very strict verification process before your listing is approved. So, make sure everything is in place.

4 Get reviews. While this seems like a double-edged sword, if you have a good product or service, it does more good than bad.

Reviews are user-generated content that increases the status of your business. According to surveys, more than 80% of online customers trust other people’s online recommendations. Make the most of it. Focus on key review pages, such as Facebook and Google My Business. Keep track of other reviews through apps, like Reputation Loop and Vendasta.

Good reviews don’t just improve your ranking in the eyes of the customer. Google also takes note of positive reviews and rewards your business with higher rank.

5 Use local markup. Don’t forget to incorporate your local schema markup to your website’s code. The markup provides your business information – such as products, services and reviews – to search engines. Only a quarter of business websites do this right now, so it’s a good way to give your site the edge.

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