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Content Marketing for Your Penrith Business: the Whys and Hows of Promoting Your Brand in Today’s Commercial Landscape

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Content marketing is now referred to as “today’s marketing” by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) – testament to its importance in promoting your business to an audience that is practically online wherever they are.

It has become the foundation of the marketing strategies of more than 88% of today’s B2B marketers, according to the CMI and MarketingProfs’ B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends (North America). Of these, 70% are developing more content than they did the previous years.

In a marketing landscape where information is readily accessible and can make or break your brand, content marketing has become requisite.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to marketing that engages target audiences through online content, such as blogs, website content, videos, social media posts, images and more. It goes beyond SEO-targeted written content, and includes practically all online content that communicates your message to your target market.

And since content is practically everything you post online, this should be approached strategically. A survey by the Content Marketing Association has found that bad content affects how 70% of respondents see your brand.

Benefits of Content Marketing For Your Penrith Business

Increased site traffic: A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group claims that businesses that put out good quality strategic online content enjoy an increase in website traffic by as much as 7.8 times.

To do this for your Penrith business, make sure to have a good feel of what your audience wants. Understand what they see as useful and of value. Plan your content with this in mind.

Improved search engine optimisation: Quality content on your website can increase your editorial links and social media mentions. Your website can also enjoy improved authority status when it comes to Google.

More effective direct customer conversions: With strategic content marketing that knows and puts out what is engaging for your target audience, you can expect to see 6X increases in your website conversion rates, according to Demand Metric. On top of that, content marketing is also cheaper than traditional marketing by 62%.

More effective indirect customer conversions: A chunk of your content marketing is going to come for your users, in the form of online reviews and blogs. According to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey, 88% of your target audiences take user reviews into consideration when making their purchasing decision.

Content Marketing Penrith Basics

Start your content marketing Penrith today by keeping these basics in mind:

1. Understand your target audience.
Know your market. The best content engages your target audience by putting out what they find interesting and valuable. So, know them. Know their concerns, jobs, locations and personal affiliations.

Have an ideal customer profile in mind. Think of him or her whenever you develop your content.

2. Know the current trends.
Let’s say your target market loves rock music. They’re not going to be as hot about Rolling Stones today than Coldplay, right? Know what’s trending. Keep in pulse with what your market is into. There are online tools to help you here, such as Google Trends and Google Alerts.

3. Write for people.
Today’s not the time to be obsessive when it comes to using keywords in your content. While this still affects how you rank, it is more important to write for people. Know what they search for, in the form and language they use.

For instance, a person using their mobile phone to search for a coffee shop in Sydney won’t look for “coffee shop Sydney.” They will use natural language, such as: “Where is the nearest coffee shop?”

4. Be consistent in coming out with your content.
Consistency is key to content marketing that reaches your target audience and ranks in Google search engine results. When you follow through with your content marketing plan, you can see your Google “freshness score” increase.

5. Vary your content.
Because content marketing is everything and anything you put out online, make sure to vary it. Don’t get stuck with blog posts or website content updates. Put out memes, videos, whitepapers and more!

6. Measure your content marketing efforts.
Use analytics tools to measure how the effectiveness of your content marketing. If some of your content is not performing at par with expectations, update them.

Expect to not get things right the first or nth time around. Be ready to tweak your approach until you are happy with your results.

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