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How not to make $92,300 extra TODAY in your business with 2 simple steps!

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Wouldn't it be great if it was easy as pressing a few buttons and placing some ads and hey presto! Here comes the money!

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that way... well not for the majority of businesses starting out and those that do have finely tuned funnels who do get this sort of leverage didn't get there over night.

The headline seems a little dramatic I know but I needed to share something with you...

I was having a coffee with a friend at the river and couldn't help but notice someone speaking about facebook and google ads and how, well "they don't work" because she tried them and didn't get a result, so they just wasted her money.

They went on to talk about other things she'd done to promote her business and they didn't work either.

By the way they was talking about it I could tell she hadn't really built proper campaigns and wasn't doing things correctly...

So I started thinking about what she said and realised two things:

Firstly, like many other business owners she had unrealistic expectations when it came to marketing and had bought into the idea that one small thing would crack the code to success and all the money would pour in.

Secondly, she had a "set and forget" mentality.

So I wanted to share some things with you because the reality is, yes you can automate and scale so your website makes a profit while you sleep, but it takes time, effort and consistency.

At the start, online business is not set and forget and placing a few un-targeted ads and expecting the world is unrealistic.

If your wired to jump from one thing to the next without doing it properly, you'll probably always follow a pattern of disappointing results.

Results come from consistent marketing, service and value adding.

The less you focus on the "next big thing that's going to solve all of your marketing problems" and the more you focus on testing and improving your current online marketing the better your return will be.

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